Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Part 3: 330 GT 2+2 of Special Interest

330 GT 2+2 of Special Interest

A number of 330 GT's were either manufactured or re-bodied when nearly new with coachwork to unique designs by some of Italy’s most famous carrozzeria. Naturally, Pininfarina produced a superb body at the request of Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands who had chassis 6267 GT fitted with a body eminently comparable to Ferrari's exclusive 500 Superfast. Another well-known personality commissioned Vignale to design what is now known to have been the last Ferrari bodied by this carrozzeria. Indeed, 330 GT chassis 7963 GT was re-bodied to an absolutely beautiful Shooting Break / Station Wagon configuration for NART impresario Luigi Chinetti. He then showed the car at 1968's Turin Salon upon it's completion.
330 GT 2+2 Vignale Shooting Break # 7963 GT  
Featuring innovative wrap-around front wings fronted by heavily stylised grille's covering the headlights, these were either side of a mildly protruding egg-crate radiator, Vignale's distinctive and exquisite detailing later being copied, much less successfully, on 1988's Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Coupe by IDEA of Turin. Two 330 GT's were re-bodied by Michelotti, both of which the firm completed with fundamentally similar silhouettes. The first car, chassis 6109 GT, was a targa-style Spyder with prominent sail panels joining an integral roll-hoop that Michelotti managed to incorporate extremely successfully. However, the detailing of this car sometimes seemed a little over-elaborate, particularly down the sides where a matt black and chromium strip ran between each wheelarch. Michelotti's nose and tail were especially attractive though and, overall, the car had a very pleasing design. Their subsequent Coupe, built on chassis 9083 GT, followed a similar theme, albeit with a closed roof, fixed rear windscreen and, thankfully, that heavily sylised side trim removed. Meanwhile, one 330 GT was commissioned by Nembo as a Spyder, the job executed on right hand drive 330 GT chassis 5805 GT. Another, this time by Drogo on chassis 7979 GT, was for Italian nightclub owner Norbert Novarro. It featured an exceptionally angular and flamboyant body, undoubtedly one of the most striking designs ever to grace a Ferrari chassis. Details of these two vehicles are at present a little sketchy and any forthcoming information would be greatly appreciated. To conclude, the chassis numbers of these six specially bodied 330 GT's are listed below:

330 GT 2+2 of Special Interest Chassis Index

5805 GT   Nembo Spyder
6109 GT   Michelotti Spyder
6267 GT   Pininfarina Speciale
7963 GT   Vignale Shooting Break
7979 GT   Drogo Coupe
9083 GT   Michelotti Coupe

330 GT 2+2 Series I Drogo Coupe chassis 7979 GT
This car was commissioned by Italian nightclub owner Norbert Novarro

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