Always this winter child,
December's sun sits low against the sky
Cold light on frozen fields,
The cattle in their stable lowing.

When two walked this winter road,
Ten thousand miles seemed nothing to us then,
Now one walks with heavy tread
The space between their footsteps slowing.

All day the snow did fall,
What's left of the day is close drawn in,
I speak your name as if you'd answer me,
But the silence of the snow is deafening.

How well do I recall our arguments,
Our logic owed no debts or recompense,
Philosophy and faith were ghosts
That we would chase until
The gates of heaven were broken.

But something makes me turn, I don't know,
To see another's footsteps there in the snow,
I smile to myself and then I wonder why it is
You only cross my mind in winter.

Music by J.S. Bach (Cello Suite No.6 - Sarabande)
Lyrics and performance by Sting

To all I cherish and love:
a very happy New Year in good health !

Anthony Westen

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A few years ago, Sting released a new album dedicated to his favorite season - Winter - a season which has inspired countless songwriters over the centuries and produced a wealth of music exploring all of its many guises.
If On a Winter's Night... presents an arc of songs that conjures the season of spirits, resulting in a haunting, spiritual and reflective musical journey.

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Click on the image above to see and hear more of Sting's own vision, experience and interpretation of his unique winter compositions.

'Well, I've got some nerve taking a Bach piece and writing lyrics to it, but he really is my teacher, and I've spent a lot of time with him, studying his work; and I became obsessed with that melody. I also felt it was exactly the right mood for this record, so I just listened and listened and listened, hoping that the narrative J.S. Bach is telling me would be translated into a concrete story - a story that I could tell. ... It was the most difficult song on the record to actually do, to avoid pathos; and you know, it was a struggle, but eventually I was convinced of putting it on the record.'

'The theme of winter is rich in inspiration and material,' comments Sting; 'by filtering all of these desperate styles into one album I really hope we have created something refreshing and new.'
He continues, 'Our ancestors celebrated the paradox of light at the heart of the darkness, and the consequent miracle of rebirth and the regeneration of the seasons.'

In collaboration with esteemed producer and arranger, Robert Sadin, 'If On a Winter's Night...' features traditional music of the British Isles as its starting point. Sting and guest musicians interpret a stirring collection of songs, carols, and lullabies including The Snow it Melts the Soonest (traditional Newcastle ballad), Soul Cake (traditional old English 'begging' song) Gabriel's Message (14-th century carol), Balulalow (lullaby by Peter Warlock) and Now Winter Comes Slowly (Henry Purcell).

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