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On March 4, 2004 Tom Tjaarda wrote:

Dear Mr. Westen,
We in our office saw your website today and all were very impressed by your expertise to create such an interesting and professional presentation.

I would like to thank you for expressing such vivid interest not only in the Fiat 124 Spyder, but also regarding design and other related cultural subjects. It was a pleasure to be able to participate in your magnificent website.

Tom Tjaarda - Torino, Italy

And on March 16, 2004 he wrote again:

Dear Mr. Westen,
I had a great Sunday in Modena at the Fiat 124 Society which hosted a really wonderful gathering of about a hundred members of that car club. I was picked up at the train station, naturally with a 124 Spyder, and suddendly I realized how small the car really is, but in any case, also how enthusiastic they all are about the car.

Am surprised that the Italian mail system is now functioning very well and you have already received the material which I sent. Actually I sent this to you thinking that it would be usefull for your archives and to use it as you wish, when the need comes up, since you are interested in many forms of art, design and architecture.

Interesting that you are a jewelry designer. Where I live in the hills of Torino, my neighbor is married to the nephew of Pietro Frua, the famous Torinese auto designer. He is a well known jewelry designer himself and also owner of the entire Frua archives which is housed on the property where I live. I am sure that you learned patience from your profession.

Let me know if you need something more concerning my work or if I can be usefull in some way.
I will have to create a new website soon, more complete and up to date and so I may call in on your expertise on this project if you can spare the time and naturally accept being paid for this service.

But for now I have enough to think about concerning the new PSV vehicle we are reading for production and also a new sports car which should be ready for next years Geneva show. All the best for now,
Tom Tjaarda

An exceptional and elegant shaped website that sparkles, loaded with enthusiasm, ambition and fun !
A smash hit, not just for the members of your club, but for every Fiat 124 Spider owner. I surely will visit your website frequently and wish you success with this great initiative.  C.K.

Congratulations with this fantastic new site. It all looks great. The special links page with movies are great fun as well. I wish you a lot of success and pleasure in your club !   Anton VMX

Visited your site already many times and I am delighted about the increase of information every week. It is growing into a very comprehensive site. Just great ! Member Dutch Fiat Spider Register, The Hague

My compliments on this beautiful site!
Design and styling are most attractive and the pictures are just to .........
Arko van der Wolf, Apeldoorn

Your new site looks great!
I'll be adding a link page soon to our website and will include a link to your site. Thanks!
Fiat 124 Sport Spider Club UK   Ben Ellis, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Great site !
I have a 1967 AS Spider that I am going to restore as soon as I finish restoring my 124 BC Coupé. Sites like this encourage me to keep going with my Fiat hobby (addiction). Danny Lloyd, Melbourne - Autralia

Although I was informed about it in advance and I did not see everything yet, this really is a fantastic website !
Herman Beerding - Lisserbroek

Every 124 Spider enthusiast is eagerly desiring and waiting for a website like this one. The site feels comfortable from the first moment on and is accessible extremely well. I am a rather new Spider owner and I am surfing the internet for Spider sites quite regularly. From today on your website is in my favorite websites list. Wishing you success!  Ton Remmerswaal - Monster

Congratulations ! You are really doing a great job and making great efforts to make a stay on your site absolutely enjoyable and a pleasure to read.
Ron Peetoom - Egmond Binnen

Finally a website that every Dutch Fiat 124 Spider owner and enthusiast will be most proud of, nationally as well as internationally, because the site is completely in English too. And what a superb quality ! Anyhow, from now on I dare to show with pride my friends " our " new Fiat 124 Spider website and inform them with pleasure about this new internet address.
Anthony, thanks a lot for this great initiative !  Peter

By far the nicest 124 Spider site on the internet. I take off my hat for such a tremendous job. It all feels like reading a book with beautiful pictures of great quality. And it all looks most professional. I am missing a technical forum by means of which Spider enthusiasts are able to help each other, because there are a lot of Dutch enthusiasts.   John van Ostade - Eindhoven

Seldomly seen such a beautiful and well made-up website about our favorite car. Erwin Moelijker - Heinekenszand

Great, great, three times great !  Perfect site, what an advantage for every 124 Spider lover !
Wichert Lammers - Breukelen

Super cool website, chapeau !  Even for a non-Spider-freak convincing enough to become one.   Angelique Overman - Offenbach am Main

Finally a beautiful and well maintained site about my " Car of the Century ".
Willem Dekkers - Abcoude

Great website !  Al Dubinsky - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Absolutely fabulous! Definitely one of the finest websites, dedicated to the most gorgeous car of them all.  A fine tribute.  Congratulations!
Eduardo Relvas - Portalegre, Portugal

Congratulations with your nice and new site. For sure I will return to your site very often. Patrick van Gucht - Antwerp, Belgium

Congratulations, you have a very nice web site. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I've been a Fiat Spider owner for over 30 years and still find additional information on these wonderful cars very interesting.  Michael R. Greer, Fiat/Lancia Unlimited - USA

The enthusiasm shines off all the way, my compliments for this site.
Eckhard Rasmussen - Göteborg, Sweden

Hello Spider-friends, with great pleasure I crawled around the Spidersweb and I am very impressed. Congratulations !  Harry Minekus - Bussum

Very elegantly designed site !  Thanks for making it bilingual.
Gerard Del Monte - Mount Vernon, USA

What a great site !  Keep up the fan-tas-tic work !
Evan Stratman - Fort Lauderdale, USA

Very nice web site. Please continue with more information.
Joly Bruno - St Quentin, France

My compliments for your very nice and extensive site.
As a Spider-lover myself and as a member of the Alpha Spider Register, your site will be recorded straightaway in my favorite bookmarks. Quite cool!  Marc Fahrner - Delft

Dear fellows, my compliments for this excellent job. A showcase for every Spider-enthusiast. Just go on!  Michel Moeijes - Alkmaar

Superb site, well done. I've just bought a gorgeous 1979 Spider 2000 and I'm nuts about it. Your site has loads to look at and even I managed to find out what my tyre pressure is supposed to be. Thanks !
Daniel Edwards - Croydon, U.K.

Wow! Finally a web site about " the car I've always dreamed of ".
Thanks and good luck! Robbie Dee - Hoogerheide

How should I thank the creator and assistants of the site about our hobby. There are a lot of new topics to read and to have a look at. It's a real smashing hit. Just continue the great job! Wil Fit - Bovenkarspel

Today I got familiar with the new website for the first time. I consider it well-ordered and I am very happy with it. It was about time for good information, since we do have a lot of members yet and most of them are owning a computer nowadays. A lot of information can be found. I wish you good luck and will follow your site with pleasure.  Anske van Driel - 's-Graveland

Editorial note: Anske, your conclusion that this site belongs to or is part of the official Dutch Fiat 124 Sport Spider Register is incorrect. Quoting your sentence: "since we do have a lot of members yet" is suggesting or presupposing any relationship with the Dutch Fiat 124 Spider Register. That relationship simply is not there.
Three 124 Spider enthusiasts felt, that this unique and elegant convertible deserved an equivalent unique and elegant website and were willing - on a completely voluntary basis - to invest a hell of a lot of time, care and attention in it.

What a nice site about a nice car. I owe a 1987 Spider myself and surf the web regularly. To my great surprise I found your pages just now after a forum post of you on the Yahoo Spider group. Its really amazing that there is such a small number of links to this beautiful site.
Keep up the good work! Tjeerd Stellingsma - Berkhout

Our compliments for the magnificent site. Didn't expect from you anything else.
(Editor: joke from Frank to Anthony)

Nonetheless, as MG-fans rather jealous of your enthusiasm.
Kirsten en Frank Seignette - Bonn

In my opinion the website is not only beautiful, but also made very professionally. I really enjoyed it. Success!   Andy Vrijhoef - Uithoorn

A great and well deserved compliment for your magnificent website. From my own experience I know very well how much effort and time it takes to get this job done. Very well done, lads! Now that I got to know your site, I definitely will visit it frequently in the future.   Bert van den Dool - Kampen

The comprehensive text and the magnificent music of Petsounds on your site is SUPER!
Just as super is your last GREAT STORY with lots of photos and music about Woodstock. A most complete and extensive contribution to your Fiat 124 Spider website that ( as the ONLY 124 Spider site in the world ) represents in this interesting manner a perfect portrait of the glorious days of our car: the Sixties and Seventies.
To reproduce your own Woodstock words: the great spirit of your website !  What a spirit !   Leon Schwarz, Palo Alto - USA

A great web site with a lot of amusing and useful information, just great !
W. den Herder, Harderwijk

Have owned my 76 Spider for 18 years. Great shape, lots of fun. Enjoyed your wonderful web site, thanks.
Brad Shaw Film and Video Productions, Boise - Idaho - USA

What a great site. I am so impressed. I visit your site every day ( + smiling smiley ). Keep on !
Fred Michel Ostojic, Kristiansand, Norge

As a graphic designer, owner of an 82 Spider and music enthusiast, I am so excited that I stumbled upon your magnificent site. The site design is smart and the content even smarter. It took some time to prepare the section on Tom Tjaarda & PININFARINA, and it shows. Amazing. Thank you. It is appreciated! Keep up the great work, drive safely and cheers.  Stephen Brusewitz - San Francisco- USA

Great site, keep it going !&  John McNider - Denver, Colorado - USA

Amazing website!!    I've been a Fiat owner for years and I thought I had seen every Fiat website worth seeing... guess not ! !
Fred Fey - Hampton Bays-New York, Colorado - USA

What a magnificent site. I am looking around for a 124 Spider myself and found out here, that I'm not the only one with a good taste, just super !
There are a lot of good tips on the site to help purchasing the right car.  What to look at specifically. The technical issues are very good as well. And will be most helpful when you get stuck yourself. In short, keep up this great initiative.
Jan-Daan de Wit, Hilversum

I love your website and would like to help promote it here in the US.
Charlie Mead, Cocoa - USA

Your web site is a great source of information and a real pleasure to visit!
Dick Oosterling, Moordrecht

I was flabbergasted, what an excellent site! After 16 years of being occupied with English soft-tops exclusively, I am sneakingly looking for another convertible. Because the 124 Spider always had my interest, I bumped into your web site. Absolutely excellent. As soon as I am rid of my Triumph, I will return here possibly as the new owner of a 'late' Pininfarina.   Ariejan Muller - Epe

Watched several web sites on the net. But this site is by far the most beautiful one! You can seek and obtain advice on all kinds of subjects. The forum deserves a big compliment. JUST GREAT CLASS!!!   René Bertens - Veldhoven

What a great site! Lots of information, instructive and well-ordered. I've been a member of the Club of the smallest Fiat (500) for many years. They have a nice site as well, but your site is REALLY beautiful! Just super, keep it going.
Norbert van Kommer - Soesterberg

I met Bas Gielen at the occasion of the Fiat Spider New Years Drink. He informed me of his Fiat Spider passion. What a great website you have. Set up most professionally and instructive. Have added the website link to my favorites. Whishing you succes! Keep up!   Wilma van Arendonk, Almelo

It just looks fantastic again. A major achievement indeed !   Bas Gielen - Nijmegen

Today, I saw that www.fiat124spider.com had changed. I liked very much the old site, specially the photos on it. Where is now the "old" site, the site before this.
I liked to see the dog with the glasses in a Fiat 124 Spider and other pictures. Are these pictures now on the new site?   Thank You.
Joao Alberto Dos Anjos Gomes,  Rio De Janeiro,  Brazil

What a magnificent site and a wonderful lay-out. The information is far too much to read in 1 occasion. My compliments to the other team members for the detailed tips.
As Spideristi I am quite happy with this extensive reference book. Keep up the good work.
G.L. - Huizen

I really enjoy your blog and the interesting information about Fiat Spiders that I've not seen anywhere else! Your post on the origin of the Spider is fantastic! Continue the passion! SunnySideUp - Grand Canyon State, USA

I follow this site since 2008. It was ( and is ) the best in Europe and now it just became the best site for Fiat Spiders in the world. I have a 1973 Fiat Spider CS1 1800 ( European ). The graphics are just amazing! Thank you for your work. Domingos Silva - Porto, Portugal

Hi Anthony! Your Fiat 124 Spiderblog is not only unusual, personal, special, artistic, unconventional, elegant and grafically magnificent - it's just GREAT ! Thanks for writing in English, so the whole world is able to follow and share your blog. Keep up your unique blog ! Best regards, Ken Anderson - Reading, Berkshire, UK

As a 124 spider owner to be I came across your wonderful website a few times, and was always impressed. I am sorry that you had to shut it down. I intend to follow your blog which is just as impressive. Well done! Ben Zomer - Netherlands but originally from Israel

Dear Mr. Anthony,
First of all I don't speak and/or write in Dutch, so I write in English.
I loved your site www.fiat124spider.com very much. On this site there were so many wonderful pictures of our Fiat 124 Spider.
One of my favorites pictures was a Spider in front of a restaurant or hotel with a lot of Spider-lovers and another one with a dog with glasses in a 124 Spider. Sincerely I don't understand at all why your wonderful site was hacked. I hope one day your complete site will be on another place in the internet. And if you do so, please let me know, please advise me.
Good luck and God's luck. P.S.: Your Fiat 124 Spider website and blog are wellknown in Brazil too. Joao Alberto Dos Anjos Gomes - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bravo. Quel beau site. Je viens de lire l'article portant sur le design initial de nos FIAT 124 Spyder. En plus de héritage italien, nous apprenons que la voiture aurait, dans son ADN, de l'américain . . . la Corvette Rondine! Gilbert Michaud - Winnipeg, Canada

Anthony -- I enjoyed your "Spider in bird's-eye view" video. It is very nicely done. Thank you for capturing the history of the Fiat 124 Spider in various media for the rest of the world to understand and enjoy. DK - Tucson, Arizona - USA

You were so much help to me. Thanks for your very helpful pages. Joshua - Alabama, USA

Anthony, I purchased a 1977 Spider a few months back. I have just found your website and those great electrical diagrams. A big thank you. Enjoy your new enterprise. I am 65, had a 124 sedan back new in 1970 and am looking forward to many years in the Spider. It even has a luggage rack on the back for the walking frame. Cheers, John Hams - Australia