Three Castles at the Mosel

I made a magnificent tour with my 124 Spider to the Eifel and Mosel area in Germany last October and made a lot of pictures. Playing with some photographic software, I drew up a short story of just eight simple still pictures that is giving an impression of a moving animation or video movie. only consists of 8 simple still pictures ! A suggestion for a nice animation of your Spider? Click the picture above to see how such a picture story could look like.

When you click the picture, you will get a screen stating, that a small presentation support program should be downloaded and installed automatically on your computer.
Click the button "I agree" during this installation (it is a safe and secure little program) and wait patiently till the screen THREE CASTLES AT THE MOSEL opens itself automatically.

Click the text "Start", choose the option "Full Screen" and see what can be made of a few simple photos.