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The magnificent Weserbergland (Germany) within reach

General map to Weserbergland

Tour Weserbergland

A most recommendable 124-Spider-drive crossing all the way through the Weserbergland, wellknown from the imaginative legend of the Pied Piper and his musical rats of Hameln and from The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchhausen from the city of Bodenwerder, who had the astounding abilities to ride cannonballs and travel to the moon.

A region worthwhile discovering in an open convertible, located in a grand and
PANORAMIC HILLY COUNTRY AREA with magnificent wide views. Moreover attractive, because it is within reach from the Dutch border: from Hengelo it is 'only' a two hours drive (214 km), located in the triangle Bielefeld, Kassel, Hannover.

The unique route ( initially set up in 2001 by my local German friends Beate and Siegfried Werner ) meanders along the places: POLLE, Hummersen, Köterberg, Rischenau, Falkenhagen, Wörderfeld, Vahlbruch, Glesse, Neersen, Eichenborn, Lichtenhagen, Ottenstein, Brevörde, Pegestorf, along the banks of the Weser river to Bodenwerder ( a wonderful old town inviting to walk around a few hours and relax on one of the pleasant terraces in the city center ), Rühle, Lütgenade, Reileifzen, direction Bevern and from there WITH A SMALL FERRY across the Weser, close to the hotel in Polle. Total tour distance: little more than 100 kilometres.   A definite must!
To be able to download and print the detailed route on paper ( in PDF ) for convenience's sake, click  HERE.

Other trip suggestions: Bad Pyrmont (25 km),  Hildesheim (49 km),  National Park the Harz (72 km) and Goslar (80 km).

Recommended overnight stay:

Hotel Zur Burg - Polle

The well-groomed and affordable Hotel Zur Burg, Amtsstrasse 10, Polle (Landkreis Holzminden)
Tel: 0049-5534 99 99 41   www.zur-burg-polle.de

Hotel personally checked: with my recommendation!

The well-known 124 Spider spare parts company Holtmann & Niedergerke
is 40 kilometres from here and a nice place to visit on the way back home.

Campgrounds An der Himmelspforte in Bodenwerder

Campsite 'An der Himmelspforte', magnificently located on the banks of the Weser in Bodenwerder
Ziegeleiweg 1, 37619 Bodenwerder, Tel: 0049-5533 49 38   http://www.camping-weserbergland.de

Very friendly, quiet camping site with plenty of room for your caravan or tent right at the waterfront.

Camping personally checked: with my recommendation!