FROM JUNE 10 TO JUNE 25, 2014


                One day trip over the 1100m high mountain UCKA, through the National Park, down to visit the                 ancient city of PULA (Roman Amphitheater) then visiting one of the most romantic and                 charming cities of Istria ROVINJ on the west coast and from there driving away from the coast                 through the different wine and olive regions, back to Selce along the coast.

June 11 - SELCE - KRK - CRES - LOSINJ - SELCE (250 km)
                Driving towards the island of KRK, touring the old cities of KRK, VRBNIK, stopping to taste the                 famous local wine Zlahtina at the Vinery, having the local Proscuito and local cheeses, then                 visiting MALINSKA and catching the ferry to transfer to the next island CRES and all along this                 island over the bridges to the next island LOSINJ and to the last island also connected by a                 bridge towards the island and city of MALI LOSINJ. And if we make it all in time, back to SELCE                 late in the evening.

June 12 - SELCE - PLITVICE - SELCE (240 km)
                Driving towards the 800 m high mountains, visiting in a whole day trip the National Park Plitvice                 Lakes, walking over the impressive wooden gangways over the lakes and having a boat tour.                 Returning to SELCE again in time, having a dinner somewhere close to the water, in a nice                 little tavern and to the favorite Caffe-Bar-Ice Place, right next to the water line.

June 13 - SELCE - DAY REST
                To relax on the beach or (if someone might need) have little repairs or service on their vehicle.

June 14 - SELCE - PAG - ZADAR - SIBENIK - SPLIT (360 km)
               Start to drive towards the South along the coast to the ferry and transfer to the island of PAG and                 along the island over several bridges to the city of ZADAR, sightseeing, listening to the unique                 and world-famous 'Sea-Organ', then driving to the city of SIBENIK, sightseeing and further to                 SPLIT (the heart of Dalmatia) where a lot is to be seen and visited. Possibly joining a Vintage                 Car Rally event with the famous Splitsky Oldtimer Auto Klub.

June 15 - SPLIT
                There is a lot to see and taste in the old but charming city center of Split with the earlier                 immense palace of Diocletianus right in the middle of it, one of the largest and best preserved                 palaces of the Roman era.

June 16 - SPLIT
                Another day to relax, browse around or drive to the spectacular National Park KRKA waterfalls,                 which is a nice day tour.

June 17 - SPLIT - DUBROVNIK (225 km)
                After two days of SPLIT we drive towards DUBROVNIK, a wonderful drive along the Adriatic                 coast, with the sea continuously in sight.

                The city of Dubrovnik is at the farthest south end of Croatia, a beautiful city rich with culture and                 history and therefore listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The old city was built in the 13th                 century and remained almost untouched to the present day. There are two main entry portals to                 the old town, Pile and Ploce, both leading to the Stradun, the main boulevard of the city. Tall                 walls surround Dubrovnik Old Town.

                Located at the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, there is so much to explore that three                 nights are essential to see all of the city and the region. We will have accomodation right down                 by the water in a little beautiful bay, just 5 km. in front of Dubrovnik.

June 20 - DUBROVNIK - MOSTAR (145 km)
               Driving along the valley of the river Neretva to the old city of Mostar, crossing the Bosnia-                Herzegovina border. Mostar has been most famous for his beautiful historic Ottoman-style                bridge, which spanned the Neretva river in what is considered the historic center of the city.
               For centuries a melting pot where East meets West.

June 21 - MOSTAR - ZADAR (265 km)

June 22 - ZADAR
               Zadar is a few thousand years old town and it was the capital of Dalmatia for many centuries.                The Zadar peninsula still preserves a very old network of narrow and charming city streets, as                well as a Roman forum dating back to the first century AD. The town is fortified with medieval                walls, distinguished for their pretty and impressive ports - entries in the city all dating back to                the sixteenth century. A day to browse around in this beautiful historic city.

June 23 - ZADAR - ZAGREB (285 km)

June 24 - ZAGREB
               Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It lies on the crossroads of important routes between the Adriatic                coast and Central Europe. It has Baroque ambience of the Gornji Grad, charming markets,                various shopping facilities, as well as choice of various small and larger restaurants and hotels.                The city has a rich historical and cultural heritage that has roots in Central European urban                culture, enriched by Mediterrean and Balkan traditions.
               Last day of the Croatian round trip for sightseeing, browsing around, shopping or relaxing.

This concludes the Adriatic Coast and Croatia Round Trip 2014.